Blaze Signs supplied the ‘Primary Wayfinding Signage’ for the Olympic and Paralympic Games at London 2012. The project included the creation of five of the largest freestanding signs ever built in the UK.

The prestigious assignment, which was the biggest single project in our history, included the manufacture and installation of 13 large signage structures at the Olympic Park in Stratford. They included 11 part-illuminated freestanding ‘beacons’ and two high-level entrance gantries, featuring flex face panels and dot matrix information signs.

The Process

Due to their size, all signs were assembled on-site, prior to installation.

In the two week period between the Olympic and Paralympic games we returned to Stratford to replace over 1000 square meters of flex face skin, replacing the Olympic logo with the Paralympic logo.

Following the closing ceremony for the Paralympic games and as a condition of the LOCOG legacy commitment, we began a five-week program to remove all signage and reinstate the areas back to their former condition. We either reused or recycled all components to reduce the environmental impact of this large-scale project, again this was a condition of the commitment to a low carbon games.

52 tonnes of steelwork and nine tonnes of GRP were used to manufacture the massive structures. We also produced 2300 square meters of aluminium boxes and digitally printed flexface skins. 300 tonnes of concrete was used for the installation, which was carried out by a 24-strong on-site team of Blaze personnel.

To be involved in such a complex project was a logistical challenge, as Russell Watkins, Blaze Signs Sales Manager explains:

“We lived and breathed this project over a six-month period, leading up to the opening of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. With a very short lead-time and an intricate specification to consider, these distinctive signage structures were researched, manufactured and installed on time and to budget.

This unique and demanding project provided an excellent opportunity for Blaze Signs to demonstrate its ability over a wide range of skills and disciplines.”


We produced six 7.5-meter tall and five 14.5-meter high freestanding part-illuminated ‘beacon’ signs, the latter having a footprint of 14square meters and being amongst the largest signage structures ever built in the UK.

The signs featured an internal steel structure fitted to a cast concrete base. The steel frame was fitted with aluminium panels, trims and feature joints/corners, aluminium flex boxes and digitally printed flex face panels. The integrated dot matrix information signs were operated via the 3G network. LEDs were utilised to illuminate some of the graphics panels.

In addition to the components for the Beacons, the two Entrance Gantry signs featured a complex GRP “nest” which housed the majority of the signal transmitters for the digital network providers.

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