Creating stunning signage that reduces your impact on the environment

Sustainability is at …
… the heart our work.

We are committed to creating signage that accurately reflects your brand and works hard to attract customers to your door.

But we are also determined to reduce the impact that your signage has on the environment too. So, from the first step in creating your signage, we continuously look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

We use digital tools in the design process to reduce the need to create physical concepts for evaluation. Our investment in manufacturing technology, precision laser cutting machinery and digital printing, brings consistent replication of your signage and minimises material wastage in production. And we regularly review our energy usage and explore new ways to reduce consumption.

Blaze leads the industry in using new signage materials which reduce your carbon footprint. Cutting out the use of PVC in signage along with materials containing VOC and HFC chemicals is a positive move forward. Our extensive experience in using environmentally safe acrylics has helped customers roll out hundreds of new signage for regional and major sites, helping them to slash their carbon footprint.

Blaze will carefully look at your signage and propose how best to ensure your signage can use recycled materials - and how it can be recycled when reaching the end of its working life.

Sustainability doesn't end when your signage leaves our facilities. We also look carefully into the installation and maintenance of your signage, using recyclable fixings rather than plastics wherever possible, and ensuring chemicals used in the cleaning and maintenance processes will not be damaging to plants or animals.

With Blaze, you can build a sustainable signage strategy which will measurably reduce your environmental impact and enhance your reputation. Talk to us now about bringing new, environmentally safe signage to your business.