6 Reasons Why You Should Choose LED Lighting For Your Signs.

If you’re thinking how to best illuminate your retail signage, here’s 6 reasons why you should choose LED lighting for your signs.

For decades retailers have realised illuminating their signage increases their revenues. Lighting can transform your signage, both externally and internally, and the more customers you attract the better for your bottom line.
But lighting your signage can throw up issues too. It can be costly to install, expensive to use, need a lot of maintenance – and even damage your expensive signs and your premises. For these reasons, LED lighting has become a popular option for retailers. Here’s why it is displacing more traditional forms of signage lighting.

Easy to install

LED lighting is most commonly used in strip form and supplied with an adhesive backing which makes it easy to place within the signage to provide a consistent illumination. For more challenging surfaces the strips can be glued or fastened in place instead. The strip format also makes it easy to retro-fit to existing signs using other lighting technologies.

Superior Brightness

Compared to florescent or incandescent lighting, LED lighting generates more lumens per watt. So the output of LED strips will create a brighter light for your signs, making them more noticeable from a grater distance.

Flexible colour options

With LED lighting you can really open up the lighting palette for your signage. You can choose to use single-colour LED strips or specify strips to be colour changing. These are controlled remotely by you, allowing you make subtle or dramatic changes to the signage lighting instantly.

Reduced Maintenance.

The long working life of LED lighting is a major attraction for retailers. The typical working life of LED lighting is up to 100,000 hours. Compare this with florescent technologies which last for as little as a tenth of the time. This translates into less downtime for signage maintenance – and more reliable signage lighting to draw in customers.

Reduced energy usage

Energy costs are going to be a major factor for any retailer – and any savings will be welcome. The energy consumption of LED lighting is a fraction of the alternatives, as they are far more efficient in using electricity to create light.

Reduced Risk

As older lighting technologies use high voltages and generate large amounts of heat, they can cause damage to signage and even be a fire risk to your premises. They also consist of glass sealing gas inside, which can fail when subjected to temperature fluctuations or vibration. By contrast, LED lighting requires low voltages – usually 12 or 24 volts – and can even be specified as waterproof, making them much more robust and suitable to use in almost any situation.