Social Sustainability

Working for a better future for our local and national community

Contributing to society …
… is a core Blaze value.

We have a responsibility as a medium sized company to manage, identify and act upon the impacts that we have on members of the Blaze Team, workers in our value chain, our customers and the local communities that support us.

We recognise the significant value that each of these stakeholders possess, and we’re continuously looking for new ways to support them in more ways than signage solutions.

The Blaze People&Planet team work together with schools, local charities, small businesses and more to provide for people and organisations in need. This can take many forms, such as supplying new signage to businesses and shops that don’t have the resource to pay. We also work with schools in our local communities to facilitate the growth of the young people and the next generation.

Fundraisers and donations are commonplace here at Blaze, we take part in many initiatives throughout the year that supports many different causes, from Comic Relief to World Prematurity Day. Over the course of a year, we can raise thousands of pounds through the reach that Blaze has, which can help make a difference to countless peoples’ lives.

Over the long term, we aim to continue working in collaboration with local schools/charities to provide these services with much needed resource and labour, as well as continue to improve the well-being of the employees of Blaze, adding new benefits and initiatives that help improve the satisfaction of the people who make the business what it is today.

Our Blog section provides in depth information of each project we complete, which you can view below!

I just wanted to share the appreciation as below and also my own personal thank you, for all the work and effort you kindly put in to supporting this important Charity, especially at a time when we are all so incredibly busy.

Project Manager, Sainsbury’s