Environmental Sustainability

Creating stunning signage that reduces your impact on the environment

Sustainability is at …
… the heart our work.

In addition to providing sustainable signage solutions for your business, we are always working towards becoming a sustainable organisation ourselves, recognising the need to improve our processes and facilities to reduce our impact on the environment.

Below is a selection of initiatives we engage and changes we’ve made more recently:
• Housing Bee colonies at our Broadstairs facility, read more. [Link to news article]
• Replacing all fluorescent lighting in the building with LED’s.
• Installation of Vehicle Trackers to fleet vehicles, to track and record emissions, with a view to reduce.
• Recycled Packaging now being used in the factory.
• Recycled paper for office use as well as new printers/copiers introduced to enable us to set parameters and targets i.e. – double sided, grey scale only and to track and monitor usage.
• Switching off all ovens and lighting overnight.
• Suppling material that would otherwise be discarded by our manufacturing teams to schools, businesses and charities who can find use with them.
• We’re introducing Hedgehog boxes at our Broadstairs facility.