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The North Face, Arndale Centre, Manchester

Explore our expertise in crafting external signage for The North Face. Discover meticulous design, precise installation & impactful results in this case study.

The Arndale Centre in Manchester City has welcomed the addition of The North Face store, offering a dedicated space for enthusiasts to explore and acquire the brand’s renowned products. The illuminated signage, a key feature of the store’s exterior, was meticulously designed, manufactured, and installed by the skilled professionals at Blaze Team.



Design Specifications:

The main letters on the exterior entrance are crafted from 30mm deep opal acrylic, featuring routered backs to accommodate white LEDs. These letters, adorned with stainless steel rails painted black, measure approximately 4500mm x 2047mm, were then fixed to the outlet’s seam style cladding.

The “NEVER STOP EXPLORING” lettering, another notable feature of the store’s signage, is also crafted from 30mm deep opal acrylic with routered backs for white LED face illumination. They measure over 1m tall and provide a striking presence along with a powerful message.

The Blaze Team executed the project with precision and expertise, overcoming the challenges posed by the complex design and the demanding environment of the Arndale Centre. The talented Blaze installation crews were alert and meticulous when it came to the fixing of the signage, ensuring the desired visual impact while adhering to strict safety and quality standards.




Designing and installing the signage for The North Face store at the Arndale Centre posed several intricate challenges. The complexity of The North Face’s logo and lettering required attention to detail to accurately represent the brand’s identity while ensuring functionality.

Navigating the logistical complexities of working within the bustling environment of the Arndale Centre presented its own set of challenges, including coordinating deliveries, accessing the installation site, and best management of time while works were completed outside of normal working hours. Meeting technical specifications for the signage and adhering to stringent safety regulations were crucial, requiring advanced technical expertise and rigorous safety measures.

Coordinating with other trades involved in the construction and maintenance of the Arndale Centre added further complexity to the project. Despite these challenges, the Blaze Team’s proactive approach, technical proficiency, and dedication to quality ensured the successful execution of The North Face outlet store signage project at the Arndale Centre.




The collaborative effort between the client and Blaze Team culminated in the successful installation of captivating signage that enhances the brand’s presence at the Arndale Centre. The illuminated lettering, with its glowing effect and strategic placement, creates a visually striking “floating” effect against the completely black background, capturing the attention of passers-by and inviting them to explore the store.



The North Face store at the Arndale Centre stands as a testament to the seamless collaboration between client and contractor, showcasing the capabilities of Blaze Team in delivering exceptional signage solutions even in challenging environments. This project exemplifies the importance of meticulous design, precise craftsmanship, and effective project management in achieving impactful brand representation.

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