A Day in Design – Moments in Motion

In the vibrant landscape of signage design and manufacturing, every day is a canvas, and every project is its own masterpiece in the making. Our design operatives are the creative architects who play a pivotal role in turning your ideas, visions, and branding aspirations into tangible, eye-catching signage that leaves a lasting impression.


With their minds brimming with imagination and a deep understanding of design standards, aesthetics and sign making, our design operatives seamlessly bridge the gap between artistry and functionality. They are the visionaries behind the signs that illuminate city streets, guide you through intricate mazes of shopping centres, and beckon you into businesses large and small.


Throughout this “Day in the Life” series, we’ll shadow the heroes in our departments across our business, uncovering the intricacies of their work, the things that drive them, and the dedication they pour into each and every project. From the initial ideas to the final installation, our design operatives pour their knowledge and creativity into every project.


Meet Yasmine, one of our Design Operatives based at our site in Broadstairs, who has been with the company for 6 years after joining when she was 18. Yasmine began her journey with Blaze Signs as an apprentice, where for the first two years of her tenure she learned everything there is to know about sign making, materials, manufacturing methods and techniques, as well as gain critical skills that would allow her to flourish in the workplace. We sat down with her to learn more about her as an individual as well as her day to day activities.


Q: How did your career at Blaze begin?

“My career at Blaze Signs began back in 2017 when I joined the company as an apprentice designer after completing a two-year level 3 Art & Design course at college. For as long as I can remember I have always been passionate for design and knew it was something I wanted to continue after education, so I was over the moon when I had the opportunity to kick start my career in one of the largest sign making facilities in the UK!”

Yasmine, Design Operative



Q: What was your apprenticeship experience like?

“My apprenticeship lasted 20 months and in this time, I learnt a range of skills in not only design but the sign making industry itself and was even nominated for ‘Young Sign Maker of the Year’ at the British Sign Awards (BSA’s) back in 2018 in which I came runner up! Fast forward 6 years and I am now fully qualified as a design operative with a Level 2 diploma in Engineering Technology where my knowledge and experience grow every day…”

Yasmine, Design Operative


The skills learned during her apprenticeship as well as the experience she has gained over a number of years has allowed Yasmine to tackle some of the most difficult design problems, which she encounters on a regular basis. Businesses want their estate to look the absolute best they can and maximise their brand impact on customers for increased recognition and loyalty. Yasmine helps our customers achieve this through the application of her knowledge of design principals and manufacturing methods.


Q: What does a typical day in the design department look like for you?

“A typical day for me starts at 7am with a bowl of Weetabix and some time to check emails and assess my work schedule. It’s important to plan my day by prioritising the important tasks. This is usually based upon what projects have the closest deadline.

The design process itself begins with understanding the clients need which could range from a simple vinyl decal to a more complex totem sign. The information is briefed to us by a projects/sales team in the form of a works order, a scope, or a meeting. We then use this information to produce a visual pack for the customer, most of the time with help provided with brand guidelines, site plans, elevations, and survey details. These details are crucial in order to successfully implement a clients brand and vision to a bespoke site.

Throughout the process I make revisions based on client or colleague feedback to progress towards the final design and prepare files for printing or installation.”

Yasmine, Design Operative


Each day can vary for Yasmine, as she works on many different aspects of signage which can range from full site fit outs which would include both large and small signs, illuminated or more of a simple design, or more focused design visualisations and manufacturing artworks.


Manufacturing artwork, in the context of graphic design and production, refers to the visual and graphical elements that are created and used in the manufacturing and production processes of various products. These artworks are essential for ensuring that the final product meets design specifications, quality standards, and regulatory requirements. They will typically include the following elements:

  1. Technical Specifications
  2. Colour Codes
  3. Die-Cut and Trim Marks
  4. Barcodes and Serialization
  5. Regulatory Information
  6. Proofs and Mock-ups
  7. High-resolution file formats


Q: What do you think is the most important skill that working at Blaze has taught you?

 “One of the most important skills I have gained is time management. This sign industry can be a very fast paced environment and as a designer I often find myself juggling several tasks at once, so it is crucially important to manage my work and be always aware of deadlines.”

Yasmine, Design Operative


Q: What projects and clients are you working on mostly right now?

 “Right now, I am mostly working alongside one of our Project Manager’s on the Asda rebrand. This project requires me to create an internal and external design pack to a deadline for customer approval. Using Asda’s brand guidelines and Blaze’s survey details for reference I produce a well-presented scheme for the client to visualise how their signage will look. These signs range from internal navigational signs to simple car park panels. These projects are always briefed to me before hand by the PM via a meeting, this way I have a clear understanding of what is required.

Other recently completed projects include, Cinch Self Storage, Merkur Slots, IMO Car Wash, Waitrose, Tesco, and Vision Express!”

Yasmine, Design Operative


Clients such as Asda, and others like Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and IMO Car Wash employ large scale projects with often require the full focus of one or more of our design department members. Depending on the specific project and size of the site, each design task could take anywhere from half a day to two or three days! At the centre of it all, however, is a dedication and passion of our design team to ensure each site maximises the brand impact, while falling within each customer’s own design guidelines.



Q: Tell me about a special project you’ve worked on in the last few years.

 “I have worked with numerous clients during my six years at Blaze (too many to even count!). But one project in particular that stands out to me and one I was very proud of was a shopfront design I did for a Prezzybox as part of Roadchef Strensham services on the M5 Southbound. The concept was to create a shopfront entrance that gave customers a unique shopping experience, so the idea was to give the impression of gift boxes stacked on top of one another to form the entrance to the store. It was a challenge but one I took on and one that looked amazing once complete!”

Yasmine, Design Operative



Taking a step away from the day-to-day activities that we’re so used to that it almost becomes second nature for our design team, it’s great to look back at a special project we completed. A project that transcended the traditional norms when it comes to business signage solutions, because while we are known for our ability to assist organisations in their rebrand rollouts or large-scale implementation programmes, we’re also capable of magnificent design-led solutions that could make any business stand out in a sea of relatively similar shop fronts.


Q: What’s your favourite part of working in the Blaze Team?

“My favourite part of the job is the satisfaction I gain from being able to bring our customers visions and ideas to life and into the perfect signage for their business, so attention to detail is very important to me and producing something that is aesthetically pleasing to the viewers eyes is something I take pride in.”

Yasmine, Design Operative


Q: How would you summarise your role as Design Operative?

“Being a signage designer requires both artistry and technical expertise. It is a profession that combines creativity with practicality as we strive to create visually stunning signs that effectively communicate messages in various environments.”

Yasmine, Design Operative



As we conclude this captivating journey through the first issue of the “Moments in Motion” series, we find ourselves inspired by the passion, creativity, and dedication that drive our design operatives every day. This intimate look behind the scenes has unveiled the skills and commitment that it takes to transform concepts into the iconic signage that graces our cities, businesses, and public spaces throughout the UK.


We look forward to sharing more stories and insights from our talented team as they continue to shape the visual landscape of our communities and businesses. Stay tuned for more “Moments in Motion” features that shed light on the incredible talent and dedication that make our signage design and manufacturing company a beacon of creativity and innovation.