How Your Signage Supports Your Business

Lloyds Bank signage illuminated at night


Sometimes, when there seems to be so many tasks involved in running a business, your signage can get left behind. There’s managing stock, looking after customers and staff, and not forgetting all those bits of legislation you need to comply with. That trusty old sign, sitting above your front doors, just does its own thing every day. It’s easy to take it for granted. But if you looked into how your signage supports your business, you might want to give it a lot more attention.


The signage you display visually separates you from competitors. And as it has never been more important to maximise the potential of your branding, your signage is key to your ongoing success. Here’s why.


Signs Attract Business


Blaze signage for Egg Run

A great sign works extremely hard for you. Research undertaken by the ISA found that the majority of retail customers find a business simply by seeing the signage on the front of their store. And that translates directly into more sales and increased profits.

The key to this is to ensure you have visual branding that is easy to recognise and understand – and displayed in the most eye-catching manner possible. Signage which is poorly designed or made won’t attract customers – and can turn more people away. On the other hand, when you have signage which attracts attention and pulls people to your store, you get that opportunity to turn them into customers.

Signs Bring People Back


Blaze Signs designs and manufacture signage for Tesco Express sites

A great sign isn’t just about attraction. They are also vital to bring customers back too. In a busy high street a sign can so easily get buried by bright, attractive alternatives. What you need is to ensure your signage is easy to identify and has a strong recall element too. This is when customers remember what your sign is and associates it with what you do. Get your signage right and they will look out for you. Get it wrong and they will struggle to remember who you were – and go to a competitor instead.

Signs Build Your Business


Blaze Signs design and manufacture signage for Vision Express

Put simply, when your signage is attractive and brings people to your store, it is core to you building a successful future. That’s why you need to make sure your signage is doesn’t just look great now, but also in the future. They need to be constructed to recognised standards, preferably use sustainable materials, and highly durable to stay working hard for years to come. A successful business builds over time – and your signage needs to be in for the long haul.


Now that you can see how your signage supports your business, call Blaze, the UK’s largest signage design solutions team, and discover why so many of the best known names on the High Street depend on us for great signage.