Why You Should Never Take Your Retail Signage For Granted

Blaze Signs Retail Signage

One truism about your business; you simply don’t wake up one morning and decide to buy some new signage on a whim. Instead, you look at your signage as a long-term investment that’s got to last up to 10 years. This is why you should never take your retail signage for granted. Instead, you must take care when looking at the design of your signs and that they are consistent with your brand.

Usually, your signage will include your business logo and your typeface. Making sure this all fits in with your brand is of course a natural step during the design process. But, if you are thinking of updating your brand or undertaking a rebrand this is the perfect moment to do so.

Undertaking a rebrand is not without risk, but it can also bring major benefits. In some cases, businesses who get their rebranding right see a significant uplift in sales. But it has to be done for the right reasons and must be part of a complete marketing strategy.


Consistency Is Key

blaze signs retail signage


In either case, regardless of you deciding to pursue a new visual identity or stay with your current one, your signage must accurately reflect your brand. And of course, you need to make sure that your signage mirrors your brand and does so in the most eye-catching way possible. After all, you need to attract attention of customers and compete with other retailers who are doing just the same thing.

One point that often gets missed by retailers is the need to have consistency with other aspects of your visual branding. For example, you will likely have a small colour palette which you use throughout your store, clothing and other visual branding signals. So you must ensure you also use some of those colours in your external signage too.


First Impressions Count

Blaze Signs Retail Signage

Most importantly, what does your sign say about your business?  If your sign is old, faded, maybe even broken and in need of repair, what kind of impression will this give your customers?  If your sign is dirty and in need of some TLC, and has been for some time, this may give your customers the feeling that other areas of your business need improving too.

You should always remember that your signage is on show every hour, every day. Customers will pass it constantly, so it must look great. Not just when new but even after 6, 7 or 8 years as well. So the design should continue to have structural and visual integrity. Which is why you should never take your retail signage for granted. So contact us today to discover how you can have new signage which looks great and reflects your current or new branding – now and far into the future.