Case studies

Oxygen Activeplay: Signage & Lighting Solutions

Transforming an old Argos retail space into an exhilarating hub of adventure with an innovative approach to signage and feature lighting, enhancing brand visibility and creating an immersive ambiance.


Oxygen Activeplay, a dynamic entertainment centre, has recently opened its doors in York, transforming an old Argos retail space into a hub of excitement and adventure for locals. The Blaze Team worked with Oxygen Activeplay to design, manufacture, and installation of both external signage and feature lighting found within the centre, contributing to the overall ambiance, and maximising their brand presence of the establishment.



Signage transformation


The Blaze Team, who are absolutely no stranger to transforming an old retail environment into something truly special, was entrusted with the task of designing, manufacturing, and installing captivating external signage for Oxygen Activeplay. By repurposing the old retail space into a vibrant activity centre, the signage not only attracts attention but also signifies a shift from traditional retail to a thrilling recreational destination. Through meticulous planning and creative execution, the Blaze Team ensured optimal brand visibility, welcoming visitors to a world of fun and excitement.



With a mixed-use of flex-face skins applied to illuminated extruded aluminium sign cases as well as internally illuminated aluminium signage placed strategically across the building along multiple elevations, all coloured in the brands bright purple colour, the signage truly stands out and will surely achieve excellent brand presence.



Feature Lighting


In addition to the external signage, the Blaze Team extended their creative prowess to design, manufacture, and install feature lighting within Oxygen Activeplay’s canteen area. Leveraging materials such as aluminium and acrylic, commonly used in signage, the team crafted stunning fixtures that enhance the ambiance and elevate the overall customer experience. The feature lighting not only illuminates the space but also adds a touch of sophistication, complementing the lively atmosphere of the entertainment centre.


These types of projects allow the Blaze Team to showcase the fact that we’re able to do so much more than conventional building signage. The skills needed, materials used, and manufacturing techniques employed for almost any signage can also be applied to features such as lighting, which puts us in a good position to be able to reliably offer our customers a fantastic add-on to their normal business signage solution that we’re known for.





The revitalization of the old Argos retail space into Oxygen Activeplay in York stands as a testament to the transformative power of design and collaboration. Through strategic planning, creative design, and precise execution, the Blaze Team played a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of the entertainment centres renovation of the old Argos store.