Our Products

Large-format External Signs

Sometimes, bigger is simply better.

When a simple fascia sign won’t do, you need to go larger, think larger and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Taking full advantage of your businesses available space, our large-format external signage will ensure your brand has the most effective and incredible presence possible.

Flex signs:

Sometimes a fascia sign or built-up lettering made with conventional techniques and materials simply won’t cut it if your businesses shop front is truly massive.

A flex sign can offer both the features of bright and even illumination and incredible size, and they can take of the form of a simple shape or even your logo’s lettering!

Feature lighting:

Blending the seams of where the signage ends and the rest of your building begins, feature lighting can elevate your business during the night and add an extra feature to compliment the rest of your signage suite.

With the ability to wrap around buildings, make complex shapes with practically any colour, the Blaze Team will work closely with you to ensure you get the desired result!

Building cladding:

To truly transform your building into something special or to reenergise an older or tired-looking facility, building cladding can offer a level of brand presence that a typical, smaller signage suite simply can’t do.

The extensive in-house manufacturing capacity that Blaze Signs boast across both our Broadstairs and Birmingham facilities mean we’re able to provide you with full building cladding solutions.

Window treatments:

For when fascia signage just isn’t enough, window vinyl graphics can provide brand presence at eye level to customers, whether fully branding the space or partially covering the window, our in-house printers can achieve best-in-class detail, colour accuracy, and fit and finish!