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Totem Signage

Stand tall and project your brand as far as the eye can see.

A free-standing totem has endless useful applications for a business and the customer alike. They can come in all shapes, sizes and designs, from simple, slick totems to highly detailed with multiple levels of depth…

Petrol station totems:

These types of signs are a classic, and they attract thousands of eyes every day due to the incredibly useful feature integrated, the prices of petrol and diesel for the forecourt they’re advertising for.

This makes these types of totems an incredible opportunity to advertise the rest of your business and what you can offer at the same time, the Blaze Team can help you design and create a Petrol Station totem that not only provide vital information but goes the extra mile!

Beacon totems:

A beacon totem can sometimes be the most effective way of projecting your brand and businesses’ presence across a large, flat area.

These totem signs can represent your brand and what it stands for… The Blaze Team can help you ensure you make the most out of the opportunity these types of signs can offer, from it’s design and size, placement on your premises to what kind of illumination we could use to provide 24/7 presence.

Pedestrian totems:

These types of totems can be considered the smaller siblings to the much larger beacon and petrol station totems; they can give even more brand presence across your estate for the pedestrians that enter your business on foot.

Often presenting the same information and replicating the design of the larger totems, these signs are more affordable and are easier to implement into your signage suite. The Blaze Team can assist you in the planning and design to ensure you get the most out of them!

Retail Park totems:

For when your business park needs to display everything that you have to offer, these totems can stand tall and project multiple brands as far as the eye can see.

These types of totems take pride in their ability to swap out one section more easily for another, utilising a semi-modular design for when businesses come and go from your retail park over the years.