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Wayfinding Signage

They not only look good but serve an important purpose too!

Directional and wayfinding signage, both external and internal, help guide people to their intended destination. These signs provide clear and concise information, making it easier for visitors to navigate unfamiliar environments, improving the user experience and reducing frustration.

Internal directionals:

Directional signs for shops are essential for guiding customers to find the products they need.

They should be clear, concise, and placed strategically to ensure maximum visibility. Good directional signage can help improve the customer experience and increase sales by providing an easy-to-follow path through the store.

External wayfinding:

External wayfinding signs in town centres help pedestrians and motorists navigate their way around unfamiliar areas.

They provide directional information to key destinations such as car parks, public transport, and points of interest. Effective wayfinding signage is crucial for a positive visitor experience, promoting accessibility and safety. Clear, visible, and easily identifiable signs can also boost footfall and support local businesses by making the town centre more accessible and attractive to visitors.