Case studies


Blaze Signs helps Next to make sure their signage is tailored to their exact needs to make each site look sharp.

We are proud to be supporting Next as their move into a new generation of brand image! Blaze Signs were brought on-board in 2022 as a signage supplier, coinciding with the businesses new brand image reveal.

Operating out of our office and factory located in Birmingham, Midlands, the Blaze Team work closely with the team members of Next to deliver the re-brand project. They have utilised our design service offering to create compelling and easy-to-follow design packs for each store we do, allowing the customer to simply view how the store will look when the works are complete.

Doing this can speed up the approval process, and gives the customer a level of involvement, satisfaction and peace of mind, keeping them in control of the process.

Signage types vary across the estate, this is because most stores are found in retail park locations and therefore different storefronts have different requirements. Face-illuminated lettering – which can be fixed to rails, glazing or simply direct-to-wall – are the bread and butter of the Next estate. Additionally, vinyls and fascia’s are also important for most stores.